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Zechimechi (LP) - Boogie Monster
This is what "Epic" sounds like. This impossibly huge sounding record is ready and willing to warp minds and crush bones. Guitarist Ben Fussel and Drummer Tony Dallas (of the SSRI's, Supercassete and at least 5 other bands) bring to you a riff-tornado which is inspired by many disparate artists (At the drive in, Rage Against The Machine, Lightning bolt) and many different styles (from Bangra to Celtic Jigs). Each track is a concoction of audio that is unlike anything your ears have ever before seen! Sounds Like: Joyous hearts exploding Run of 300. Comes w/a download card
Released: May 2011

Buy A Physical Copy of your very own $12 + Shipping!

Animal Bodies (30 Minute Cassette) - Animal Bodies
Animal Bodies first release with Needs More Ram is a multi headed beast of ghostly voices, analogue synthesisers, drum machines and ambient howls. The 
A-side contains 5 tracks of spooky new wave, post-punk in a similar vein to The Vanishing and Skeletal Family. The B-side sounds like falling through a wormhole 
with nothing to keep you company but a Moog-Synth. Each of these (LIMITED EDITION of 100) tapes comes in a Hand Sewn Leather Pouch. There will be no re-issue! 
Click the image to go to the bandcamp below to listen to the album and Download a free track!

Sounds Like: Sisters Of Mercy, The Vanishing, Being lost in an electric jungle
Run of 100 each with a unique Leather Pouch Hand crafted by the label owner, Natasha, and Local Vancouver Artist Shawna Mclellan!
Released: Hall-o-ween, 2010!

Buy A Limited Edition, fuzzy and rough Copy for $10 + Shipping!
Split (LP) - Reflektionss/N.213
From the bedrooms and basements of, Vancouver based melody-makers, Jesse Taylor (Reflektionss, Twin Crystals, Channels 3x4) and Nic Hughes (N.213, Shearing 
Pinx, Pompoir) comes a dark slab of wax comprised of one side by each. Reflektionss' red-side provides, what has been described as, sexy-synth music. Sexy? 
Sure. But this is a deranged form of sexy, like the bad-boy with a twitch and a thing for knifeplay. Hearts will be broken. N.213's black-side sounds like 
a protest in a carnival. With shouty vocals over industrial beats and tracknames like Fistfuck Conservative, you know N.213 has something he wants you to hear. 
And so do I. So hear this.

Sounds Like: Vancouver Drum Machines at Punk Show
Run of 100 Oreo Middle White/200 Blackest Night. Comes with a Printed Tracklist.
Released: July 2010

Buy A Shiny Black Copy $9 + Shipping!
Buy A Limited Edition Oreo Middle White Copy $11 + Shipping!

There Is A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Tickle A Man Made Of Cobras (45RPM LP) - Stamina Mantis
A record as epic as it's title is long. "Right Way/Wrong Way" is a trip; through the mind of it's creators, 
through an audio-bramblebush, and through the tunnel of love with a stranger. Lots of ground is covered 
here from straight up noise-rock to glitchy electronics to metal. A mixed bag of candy corn, condoms and 
dirt covered gummie bears. Enjoy, magnifique!

Sounds Like: Lightning Bolt if they were angry.. 
Run of 100 on Green Vinyl, 100 on Orange Vinyl and 100 on Red Vinyl! Silkscreened Art and Slips w/3 different variations avaiable!
Released: June, 2009!

Buy A Limited Edition, see-through, Red, Orange, or Green Copy for $10 + Shipping!
Twin Crystals (LP) - Twin Crystals
From the spectral, raw, electronic-punk sounds of Spell On You to the Pulsing, echoed cries of Damaged Enough;
this record is a roller-coaster ride of rhythm and emotion. Highly anticipated.

Sounds Like: Soft-Cell if they were Punk. 
Run of 1000 CD's, 500 on Black Vinyl and 100 on Pink! Black and White Sleeves with artwork from the band.
Released: December 2008

Buy A Midnight Black Copy $9 + Shipping!
Buy A CD with new internal artwork $9 + Shipping!

Limited Edition Teenage Jesus Pink SOLD OUT!

The Cost Of Music Split 7" EP - Collapsing Opposites/Bible Belts
Local Wordsmith/Songmiester Ryan McCormick (Formerly of They Shoot Horses Don't They and
Ok Vancouver Ok) back to back with Piano Teacher/Rock Poet Chris-a-riffic (Formerly of 
They Shoot Horses Don't They and Human Hi-lite Reel) and Stilt Walker/Deep Clown Alison Therriault 
(Formerly of Chet) on this magnificent release. The Collapsing Opposites side is a cute take on 
christmas carols and capitalism and the Bible Belts side is 2 songs of certifiable sugar, spice and everything nice.

Sounds Like: Sparce pop songs + Spectacular Bombast!
Run of 500 on Crystal Clear, Transparent Vinyl. Full colour sleeves, with back and front artwork. Glorious.
Released: 21 Sep 2008

Buy A Windowpaine Transparent Copy $6.50 + Shipping!

Our Homes (LP) - Greenbelt Collective
Two things. I am honoured to be co-releasing this with the GBC and vinyl is where this music belongs.
This is the re-release of 2007's 'Our Homes' which had a pretty limited run of cd's sold in hand-knit houses
and screenprinted paper.

Sounds Like: People who love each other making sweet, sweet music
Run of 100 Lush Green/500 Obsidian Black. New artwork for the front and back sleeves. Comes with a slip.
Released: September 2009

Buy A Shiny Black Copy $9 + Shipping!
Buy A Limited Edition Marbled Forest Green Copy $10 + Shipping!

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